Secrets of Stage Success is the first book from Louise Dearman and Mark Evans, two of the biggest musical-theatre stars working today. Here are Louise and Mark themselves to tell you more:

This is the book for anyone who’s seen a show and thought: ‘That could be me…’

That’s what we used to think growing up, dreaming of working in musical theatre. Now, after years of hard work, we’ve been lucky enough to star in some amazing shows, including Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Ghost: The Musical, Evita and Cats.

We’ve picked up lots of tips from other performers, and have developed our own strategies and solutions too. In this book, using this knowledge and our experiences, we want to draw back the curtain and shine a spotlight onto how you can follow in our footsteps.

What makes our book really different (and useful) is that we asked our fans worldwide to submit questions – and thank you to the hundreds of you who did. Dozens of these questions are featured here, covering every aspect of the industry:

• What is it like training at drama school?
• How can I improve my vocal range?
• How do I prepare for an audition?
• How should I find and select an agent?
• How do I deal with rejection?
• How can I progress from the ensemble to a leading role?

This is a tough and competitive business, but passion, determination, a clued-up approach – and this book – will help see you through. Read it to discover the secrets you need to know, and we hope that one day soon, up on stage, it will be you.

Press Reviews

‘Useful, cheerful… Reading the encouraging, entertaining words of Dearman and Evans is rather like being present at an extended, in depth Q&A session. You can’t help but learn a lot from virtual conversation with people who really know what they’re talking about.’ – The Stage

‘A must have for anyone in theatre training or even just with a keen interest in theatre… a good, easy read that allows you to go behind the scenes and see what it takes to become that person we see up on stage… you can’t get much stagier than this!’ – West End Wilma

‘A superb book for anyone thinking about starting out in this mad world of entertainment… definitely one to add to the library’ – Musical Theatre Review

‘One of the best sources of advice for performers and people thinking about performing as a career I’ve seen… a down-to-earth book containing sage advice from a personal perspective… a useful resource for generations of performers to come. Highly recommended.’ – Stage Status

‘An invaluable resource… peppered with interesting stories about life in the industry… an easily readable book which gives plenty of insight into the highs and lows of life as a musical theatre performer.’ – Everything Theatre

Reader Reviews

‘@LouiseDearman @MarkHEvans just read the whole book in 1 go, couldn’t stop! Brilliant honest advice & hilarious anecdotes, it’s a great read’ – Steph

‘@LouiseDearman @MarkHEvans @NickHernBooks I love your book! Can’t sing dance or act but I’ve taken a lot from the advice you’ve given, Thank you x’ – Jade

‘Perfect reading material for train/tube journeys, feel super Stagey flashing it about!’ – Amanda

‘Finished your book already! Absolutely loved it! Such a great little read for an aspiring performer like myself!’ – Emily

‘This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone considering a Musical Theatre career!’ – Sam

‘Just finished @StageSecrets BEST BOOK EVER!!!’ – Keira

Below are the names of everyone whose questions appear in the book. Sometimes, where multiple people asked a question on the same subject, it’s been worded slightly differently, but we hope that you find the advice you need. We’d like to thank each and every one of you who submitted questions!

Adele Carr, Somerset; Aimee Whatson, Birmingham; Alice Howe, Essex; Alison Morris, Yate; Amanda, Orlando, USA; Anna Johnston, West Midlands; Anna T, Wiltshire; Anna Maria Kollegger, Vienna, Austria; Aoife, Ireland; Ashleigh, Rhyl; Bekky, Cologne, Germany; Brendan Part, Dublin, Ireland; Brendan Turner, Indiana, USA; Cait, Newcastle upon Tyne; Caprice Lane, Shropshire; Carys Williams, South Wales; Catherine Coyle, Derry; Charlie Oliver D’Imperio, London; Charlotte Small, Cramlington; Chloe, West Midlands; Chris Birks, Rotherham; Courtney, Missouri, USA; Courtney Patton, Ohio, USA; Daniel Bastow, Sheffield; Danielle Alexander, North Yorkshire; Elizabeth Lieverse, The Netherlands; Ellie, South East; Emily Onsloe, Essex; Emily Stimpson, West Sussex; Emma Dallimore, Manchester; Emma Deacon, Hertfordshire; Emma Sweeney, Chelmsford; Faith Chamberlain, Sussex; Francesca, London; Francesco Riccardo Dall’Aglio, Italy; Gemma-Marie, Canterbury; Geraldine, New Mexico, USA; Hannah Naylor, Bishop’s Stortford; Harriet, Newbury; Harry Wright, London; Hazel, Long Eaton; Heather, London; Heather Kirk, Yorkshire; Holli Grice, Cambridgeshire; Holly Mann, London; Iain, London; India Edwards, London; Issah Nalzaro, King’s Lynn; Jack Pilcher May, Leicester; Jack Robinson, Lichfield; Jack Scullion, Galway, Ireland; Jade Tyson, Leeds; James, Bristol; James Hinton, London; Jenni Walker, Southampton; Jessica Doolan, South Wales; Jo Gash, Wymondham; Johanne Hellman, Sweden; Jonny, London; JuJu Liao, Birmingham; Karen, Dublin, Ireland; Karl Piekaerts, Belgium; Katie Hook, Reading; Kayleigh Allan, Blackpool; Keira Guest, Salisbury; Kira Gorman, London; Kirsty Hogarth, Newcastle; Lauren Brushwood, Portsmouth; Lauren Novelli, Cheshire; Lauren Rees, Northamptonshire; Lauren Steele, Shropshire; Leanne, Padiham; Leigh Dobson, Bromley; Lexi Goodland, Northampton; Li-Lee, Essex; Lucas Cooper, Chatham; Luke Cooper, Rutland; Luke Martin, Devon; Lynn James, North Tyneside; Maggie S., Washington DC, USA; Martin, Northampton; Martin Battey, Ipswich; Matthew Neuenhaus, Birmingham; Matthew Parsons, Northamptonshire; Megan Lapper, UK; Melissa Harvey, Cornwall; Michelle, Washington DC, USA; Mikayla, Australia; Naomi Finlayson, Fife; Neil Kelso, Winchester; Nikki Hayes, Hartlepool; Olivia Moloney, Warwickshire; Oscar Gutierrez, Mexico; Phoebe Henderson-Pennington, Leicester; Rebecca, Manchester; Roger Crowther, Newcastle upon Tyne; Ross Bickerdike, The Lake District; Sam Mead, Newcastle; Sam Ryb, London; Sara Richards, England; Sarah Tanner, Southampton; Sarah Tolland, Glasgow; Sarah Yewman, Kent; Selena Zafar, Manchester; Shiri Fileman, Leeds; Sophie Benson, Guildford; Stacey Helmore, South London; Steph, Middlesbrough; Suvi Antila, Tampere, Finland; Tasha Hyde, Chippenham; Thea Peterson, San Antonio, USA; Tristan Josef, Los Angeles, USA; Vicki East, Kent; Wafi Habib, Brunei; Zachary Manlapid, San Diego, USA.